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    This monthly package includes 1 Monthly Event / Seminar / Workshop This package includes 5 images This package you can Link up to your webpage You will have Interactive Google Maps for your listing You can link your Social Media to your Listing (Facebook, Twitter, etc) You can have video link You can upload resume/pdf of your liking You have 365 days to edit your listing. Receive “ratings” for you or your business listing. You will be able to see analytics like how many times the listing was visited, how many times an inquiry for a listing was sent. For an additional fee you can have your Event listing FEATURED on the front page which includes your picture along with your business information. (Your FEATURED Event Listing will ALSO be FEATURED on the Newsletters that are sent out by-monthly!) WE can SUBMIT your Listing for you! Simply fill in whatever is required to get to the payment portal, make a payment, email us with with whatever info you want submitted, we can cut/paste from a previous listing in order to make it easy for you. You can EDIT your listing anytime you want!
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