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Cosmetic Surgery Can Improve Your Sex Life

You may read the headline and think to yourself, “Well sure, better looking people have more opportunities for sex, but I’m married.” A recent study shows that the sexual benefits of cosmetic surgery have little to do with attracting more partners, and much to do with the enjoyment factor.

70 women between the ages of 17 and 60, who had undergone cosmetic surgery, completed surveys about the impact the surgery had in their lives. The results were released in the January-February issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, a publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Patients who participated in the study reported increased ability to reach orgasm, greater willingness to try new positions during sex, and increased sexual satisfaction both for themselves and their partners.

Over 95% of the women reported an improved body image. Women who had breast augmentation or body enhancing procedures reported significantly greater improvement in their sex lives than women who had facial procedures.

The benefits seem to stem from improved body image and the impact that has on dress and behavior in an intimate setting. After cosmetic surgery women are more comfortable revealing their bodies. Women who are embarrassed to be seen naked by their partners try to hide their bodies in different ways, from heaping on form-hiding clothing to turning off the lights or closing the door to change clothes.

Even with their clothes on, women who are unhappy with their appearance tend to display posture and body language which sends subtle cues which suggest they are not interested in sex, even if they are interested. Conversely, women who are proud of their bodies carry themselves in a more open and relaxed way, sending subconscious signals that they are more approachable.

Over half of women who had breast or body procedures reported dressing more provocatively after surgery, and about three quarters reported improved sexual satisfaction. Of the women who had facial procedures, 11% dress more provocatively and 32% report improved sexual satisfaction.

Women who are unhappy with their bodies tend to be tense during sex. They also tend to be depressed more often. Tension and depression are major passion killers. Relaxation and a sense of well-being can mean easier arousal, better lubrication, improved ability to reach orgasm, and overall increased pleasure for both partners. It is a well known fact that men enjoy sex more when they feel that their partner is enjoying it, too.

Most cosmetic surgeons do not recommend that you have cosmetic surgery only to enhance your sex life, but consider it a side benefit. The information revealed by this study shows that appearance and body image have a far reaching impact in patients’ lives, which goes well beyond just looks and can mean not only increased self-confidence for single patients, but a happier and more harmonious home-life for those who are married or partnered.

If poor body image is inhibiting your sex life, ask your cosmetic surgeon about the benefits of cosmetic surgery todayDr. Martin O’Toole of Los Angeles and Pasadena, California has years of experience in cosmetic surgery.

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