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Cosmetic Surgery Advancements

Cosmetic surgery techniques are constantly evolving, and patients have much to look forward to. New developments in healing technologies, more precise and less invasive procedures, longer lasting biocompatible fillers, and a myriad of other health benefits are on the horizon.

Fibrin glue and platelet gel
Fibrin glue and platelet gel are naturally produced by your body to aid in healing. They help to seal wounds, stop bleeding, and speed the healing process. Platelet gel can be made at the facility where you have your procedure using your own blood. Fibrin glue is usually made from a pool of blood donors. They help to seal up capillaries and reduce bruising.

Breast implants infused with healing drugs
Breast implants can be used to deliver medications into the body. The nature of the shell of the implants allows them to act as a time-release capsule. Right now researchers are looking into delivering scar reduction drugs with implants to aid in scar free healing from breast surgery. In the future this may have an application for breast cancer patients, as well.

Foreskin and placenta based filler
New injectable fillers are being developed from human sources. Animal based fillers have a history of allergic reactions. Human based fillers avoid this potential complication. Collagen fillers are now being made from cells derived from human newborn foreskins, and are more durable than fillers made from bovine sources. Another alternative, in the early stages of development, is the use of placenta cells for long-lasting injectable fillers.

3D imaging 
3D imaging is making cosmetic surgery safer and more precise. The end result is a more beautiful and predictable outcome, with fewer complications. Patients have the opportunity to view and guide more realistic depictions of the results that they can expect. Surgeons are now using these 3D systems to guide their work as well, getting a more accurate picture of the internal landscape they are working with.

Fraxel laser
Improvements in laser technology have brought us the Fraxel laser. Traditional laser procedures take off the top layer of skin and can be painful and involve weeks of scabbing and redness. Fraxel targets very small areas and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed. This promotes healing by stimulating collagen production in the surrounding tissue. The result is a much gentler procedure, speedier recovery, and a reduced risk of complications.

If you are considering cosmetic enhancement, talk to your cosmetic surgeonabout these new advancements today. Bray Plastic Surgery Center of Los Angeles, California is a very advanced cosmetic surgery facility.

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